For all your mechanicals needs we got you covered. From nylon, teflon, hdpe, uhmw, peek, acetal & phenolic’s sheet or rod.

ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene)

ABS is generally used in aircraft , automotive & laboratory parts. ABS has a high resistance to Chemicals as well to Stress-Cracking. ABS can be fabricated and machined to tight tolerances.

Acetal (PolyOxy-Methylene)- DELRIN

Acetal is a copolymer material that has low stress levels with High Strength to give assurance of true flatness stability under maximum heat of (180 F). Available in Sheet & Rod and a variety of color’s Delrin is a homopolymer material which has higher mechanical properties than Acetal. It provides long wear life low friction components like bearings and bushings

ACRYLIC (aka Plexiglas, Lucite and or Acrylite)

Acrylic has optical transparent properties that offers a high strength to weight ratio and is unaffected by moisture. Acrylic can be fabricated , drilled , polished , engraved and milled. Available in Clear UV , Non Glare , Frosted , And a variety of color’s. Cast OR extruded as well.

Polyethylene ( LDPE , HDPE , UHMW )

Low Density Poly has great corrosion resistance also providing low moisture intake. It is great for application where corrosion is important and structural , High temperatures and hardness is not a factor. High Density Poly offers high impact resistance , has a low moisture absorption and is light weight. Non Toxic as well as Non Staining and comes with FDA and USDA certs for all food applications. Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly has a high tensile Strength is very light weight for easy machining. Also has a great properties to use as moving machine parts. Long wearing Shatter resistance and corrosion.

Polycarbonate aka Lexan

Polycarbonate is extremely tough transparent plastic that has a very high impact , strength retention. Easy to be fabricated, drilled and machined. Available in General purpose clear , grey , bronze , white or black. Glass filled , Anti-Static and Twin-wall greenhouse material.


Nylon is used in a wide variety of applications for replacement of steel aluminum , wood , rubber, and other sorts of plastics. Nylon has a great resistance to wear , heat , pressure and impact

PEEK (PolyEtherEtherKeystone)

Peek can be used in High heat applications as well to being chemical and water resistant. Peek carries a V-0 flammability rating and very low smoke and toxic gas emission. Available in Sheet , Rod & Tubing


Phenolic is made up with layers of paper , canvas , linen , or glass cloth impregnated with synthetic thermosetting resins. Phenolic has excellent strength , electrical properties. Easy to drill , cut , Fabricate but hard to destroy.